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Useful Information for Potential Breeders and Stud Owners 

If you own a hovawart and you have an interest in breeding, it is important that you contact the Breeding Director (breeding@hovawartclub.org) to get more information on the process. The HCNA's main goal is to produce healthy hovawarts. And for that reason, we require that breeders and stud owners follow a series of steps that include the completion of a few health evaluations and the successful passing of temperament and conformation tests, as specified on the Breeding Regulations. Once you complete those tests, you can apply to enter your female (breeder) or male (stud) in the breeding pool. We are here to help breeders and stud owners to find the best match for their dogs and to achieve responsible breedings. We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible, too. The earlier we can work with you, the greater the chance we will all have of a successful match.