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About HCNA

The Hovawart Club of North America (HCNA) was formed in 1995 to promote responsible breeding of Hovawarts in the USA.

Our club's purpose is to preserve and protect the Hovawart breed by striving to:

  •  breed only healthy, sound Hovawarts according to the FCI standard;
  •  support club members in all aspects of Hovawart ownership;
  •  educate the public about the breed;
  •  partner with all international Hovawart clubs.

In working toward meeting its objectives, the HCNA:

  • oversees temperament tests for North American Hovawart owners seeking breeding status;
  • approves individual female breeder dogs and male studs dogs for breeding, as well as the pairings;    
  • registers puppies born to approved Hovawart breeding pairs in North America, and provides official registration papers in support thereof;
  • conducts sanctioned matches and specialty shows;
  • encourages our members to be active with their dogs in obedience, tracking, agility and other appropriate competitions or canine sports.