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Highlights of the FCI Breed Standard

ORIGIN: Germany.
Classification: Working Dog.
GENERAL APPEARANCE: The hovawart is a powerful, medium size, slightly elongated, long-haired working dog. The difference between sexes is clearly recognizable, especially in the shape of head and build of body.

BEHAVIOR / TEMPERAMENT: Recognized working dog with versatile usage. Kind and even disposition. Has protective instinct, fighting instinct, self-confidence and ability to take stress; of medium temperament; combined with a very good nose. His balanced body proportions and exceptional devotion to his family make him an outstanding companion, watch, guard, tracking and rescue-dog.

TAIL: Bushy, reaching to below the hocks, but not to the ground. According to the dog’s mood, it is carried high and curved over the back or hanging down.

SKIN: Tightly fitting all over. With a bluish sheen in black/gold and black dogs, with a mostly pink sheen in blond dogs.

HAIR: The strong long-haired coat is lightly waved and lying close, with only little undercoat. It is longer on chest, belly, rear side of forelegs, rear side of thighs and tail. It is short on head and at the front side of the fore- and hind legs. The coat is dense.

COLOR: There are three color varieties: black/gold, black, blond.