​The HCNA is the largest Hovawart breed club in North America. As you will see here, we strive to promote the Hovawart while also strenuously protecting its working dog background and health. In addition to having dedicated breeders and stud owners across the country, we have members in the US and Canada as well as in Europe. 

Having celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2022, the Hovawart has historically been an exceptionally healthy breed, especially for a larger dog. As a member of the International Hovawart Federation, the HCNA cooperates with its member clubs in Canada and Europe to keep one breed across all borders. With a large size and strong-willed personality, the Hovawart may not be for everyone. But if you have the time, energy, and enthusiasm for a partner and not just a pet, the Hovawart may be for you.

Representatives of the 16 IHF country members at the 100 Anniversary event in Germany, June 2022.

Message from the HCNA Board:

Given our goal and purpose, we do not condone the use of the Hovawart in a so-called crossbreed.

We have heard from a few people that they would like to crossbreed hovawarts with other breeds (e.g., golden retrievers), with dogs that might have some “hovawart” ancestry, or with dogs that just look like hovawarts. The HCNA does not support those crosses. Our mission is to preserve the genetic integrity of the hovawart breed, including all their morphological and behavioral characteristics and their noted health, all of which have taken years to build. In one single crossbreeding, all those efforts will be lost for the offspring.  

The HCNA will not issue pedigrees for dogs that are not the product of two full-bred hovawarts, nor will we support the crossbreeding of dogs. And for registration of dogs not bred within the HCNA, we require that club members demonstrate with pedigrees issued by their country’s club that both parents are full-bred hovawarts. 

We appreciate your continuous support of the Hovawart Club of North America and our mission to preserve the integrity of this wonderful breed. 


The Hovawart at Work and Play. 

A video provided by the International Hovawart Federation.

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