May 2018 

Einstein is a well behaved typical 3 year old black and tan hovawart male. Happy dog who loves to chase balls and frisbees and loves to tug. He's been on a raw food diet from the very start and loves his food. If he does have a special bone he is not likely to give it back to you though. He is well socialized and has gone on lots of trips with his previous owners. He likes most dogs, but there are always some he isn't that fond off. Has all basic training and is easy to live with. He also is crate trained and sleeps in his crate all night long without a fuss. He weighs around 85 lbs and is nice, slim and very healthy. Please contact Christa at You can also check her website to learn if he is still available:

Alma von der Thowe Farm

4-year-old spayed female 

More information and pictures to come. Please contact Linda Thowe at

June 2018

Beowulf vom Obstgarten Weg (also known as “Odie”) is 3.5 years old blonde male Hovie who weighs in at ~128lbs.

He is a very good-natured family dog and is sweet with people he knows. He is cautious and watchful with new people. He has had extensive training on basic commands. Please note that great care was taken in the selection of Odie’s parents.  The sperm donor is a blonde male from Germany, and the sample was flown into California overnight.  The mother is an extremely gentle, good-natured, black and tan Hovie originally from Canada. Beowulf has a very low Inbreeding coefficient.

The main issue is that he is unpredictable outdoors in the presence of dogs or other animals. He needs to be kept on a leash and under control on walks. Because of his size, the handler should be a strong person with experience handling dogs. Odie needs to be active and socialized to prevent him from being too protective. He used to go on hilly hikes and be very active before he became, at times, aggressive towards other dogs.

Nevertheless, he was brought up in a loving home.  This behavior began about the time he turned one year old.  At his current home, he has been kept in isolation for too long which might have played a part in his reactive behavior towards the presence of unknown people and animals. He is protective of his owners and his yard (which is expected of a hovawart) but needs to be taught that people/animals can be welcomed to his house.

 Odie is located in the San Francisco area. If you are interested or if you would like further information, please contact Cindi Lojewski at or (510) 381-2806.

August 2018 


Gordon is neutered with brown/black/white coloring and approximately 75lbs. He goes to Biscuits & Bath daycare quite often and is good with all the dogs there except for small dogs and Siberian Huskies (he's only ever acclimated to my Siberian Husky, but generally doesn't like them). He's fearful around people he doesn't know and has lunged at passerby on the streets of NYC. His behavioral issues are primarily fearfulness of strangers and extreme protectiveness over the household (he'll only let his primary owners walk into the house) and of food/toys. 

Gordon would be on his best behavior with an owner who is strict and sets boundaries. A friend of ours used to train dogs, and she took him in for a few months and was even able to bring people into her home that Gordon didn't know. I'm confident that with the right owner, Gordon would be the perfect companion! 

Additional Information 

  • Is microchipped
  • He's about 4-5 years old
  • Very sweet and affectionate to people he knows and trusts
  • Loves to play fetch endlessly, especially in water (he's our lil swimmer)

Please contact Dalia Abuadas

Please contact Rescue Coordinator, Nancy Rutkowski, if you have any questions.

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