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* HCNA is the official parent club of the Hovawart breed within the AKC and ​their registry is maintained by AKC Foundation Stock Service (FSS) 

Did you know?
Hovawarts are one of the longest-lived and healthiest of the working dogs due to the stringent breeding regulations of the International Hovawart Federation.  Breeding within the HCNA means that before dogs can be bred, they must pass health, temperament and 
conformation tests and their pedigrees must be evaluated for genetic diversity.

The HCNA is proud to be a long-time member of the IHF and to promote the IHF's standards here in North America.


The Hovawart Club of North America (HCNA) is a breed club solely dedicated to the betterment and stewardship of the hovawart within the USA and Canada. Our intention is to inform, assist and hopefully infect you with our passion for this magnificent, ancient and rare German dog!

Hovawarts are handsome, rugged and protective and possess a distinctive temperament and loyal disposition; they are large in size and belong to the working class breeds.

To learn more about hovawarts or to find out if this is the right breed for you, please contact us.

We have heard from few people that they would like to crossbreed hovawarts with other breeds (e.g., golden retrievers) or with dogs that might have some “hovawart” ancestry. The HCNA does not support those crosses. The HCNA mission is to preserve the genetic integrity of the hovawart breed including all their morphological and behavioral characteristics, which had taken years to build. In one single mix cross all those efforts will be lost.

The HCNA cannot accept dogs that are not the product of two full bred hovawats. We require that club members demonstrate with pedigrees issued by their country club to demonstrate that both parents are full bred hovawarts.

We appreciate your continuous support to the Hovawart Club of North America as well as our mission preserving the integrity of the breed.